Transloading Expertise
From the handling of food-grade to hazmat material, our wide-ranging experience will meet your transloading needs.


Our team at South Texas Liquid Terminal, Inc is highly skilled in the handling of food-grade materials for over 40 years.

Washing Station

Our facility is the only one in the South Texas area equipped with a certified food grade washing station.

Product Handling

We strictly adhere to food safety SOP’s to ensure that the product is handled properly and securely.


Our affiliate, South Texas Ethanol Terminal, has mastered the efficient and economical storage and transloading of ethanol. Our facility has the specialized experience to safely handle hazmat products.

Unit Train Served

Our Ethanol terminal is strategically placed on our unit-train loop track, allowing for a fast 96-car load in and out of the railyard.


We store 120 barrels of ethanol directly in our two bulk storage tanks. Trucks pull up directly to our terminal to fill up quickly and be on their way to their final destination.

  Dry Bulk

Our affiliate company, Rail Transloading Resources, Inc., is equipped to move plastic pellets, sand, corn-based feed, grain and other dry bulk products.


Food-grade specialized trucking services can be arranged through our affiliated trucking company, Hondo Bulk Commodities, LLC.

Easy Access

Our centralized location just west of San Antonio provides convenient access to regional farms and feed lots to streamline the process of distribution.

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